Financial Review/Ipsos poll: Coalition harvested momentum from November

The Australian Financial Review/Ipsos poll that put the Coalition within striking distance of the Labor Party capped a period in which the government's electoral stocks have been improving since November .

That poll placed the government behind Labor on a two-party preferred basis of 51 per cent to 49 per cent -- inside the poll's margin of error -- but what it didn't show was the ground prime minister Scott Morrison had made over the festive season in the Newspoll and Essential results.

Newspoll rallied an extra two per cent behind the Coalition between last November and now to put them at 47 per cent to Labor's 53. While in Essential's results, published fortnightly on the Guardian Australia's website, the government moved to 48 per cent at beginning of February before suffering its only opinion poll fall of 2019 in the next edition.

And a Roy Morgan poll released yesterday showed a three per cent swing towards the Coalition after Mr Morrison exploited his party's historic loss in the House of Representatives over medivac legislation for refugees on Manus Island and Nauru to claim Labor had moved to weaken border security.

The results represent the first polling relief for the Coalition since the attempted conservative coup that dispatched Malcolm Turnbull from the prime ministership last August.

Just a month before Mr Turnbull's leadership was spilled, The Financial Review/Ipsos poll revealed the two major parties had split voters 50/50 in the two-party preferred basis, however, the Coalition's approval ratings tumbled in the months after the event.

Newspoll recorded a five per cent Coalition slide on a two-party preferred basis to 44 per cent as Labor soared to 56 per cent in September. The Essential and The Financial Review/Ipsos polls recorded 45 per cent as the Coalition's lowest point in September and October respectively.

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